Some TLC For your SilkArt

Silk is an extremely delicate and luxurious fabric, so you need to treat it with care!
  • The silk dyes have been steam-set for permanence
  • Hand-wash the silk as needed
  • It's not unusual to see some initial bleeding during the first wash
  • Hand wash your silk in room temperature water
  • Use  silk soap or any mild soap 
  • Rinse and without wringing
  • Lay it flat on a towel to absorb moisture
  • Iron your silk while still damp to restore the inherent luster of silk
  • Use the warm or silk setting of your iron so not to burn your silk

 Keep it away from:

  • Perfume
  • Other sprays
  • Do not use bleach
  • Dry cleaning is not recommended.

It is natural for silk to have some irregularities - it's the nature of 100% silk fabric. Surface variations are to be expected and are in no way to be considered defective.

Please bear in mind that your SilkArt is hand-painted and slight imperfections are unavoidable, but this is what makes it one-of-kind!