My Creative Journey

Welcome to SASilkGems Studio, a collection of wearable art created for you by a local silk artist from Vallejo, CA.

About 32 years ago I experimented with the 'French Gutta Serti' technique and found my niche. My journey as a silk artist has been full of wonder and adventure, and I am still on a quest to unearth the many secrets of this enchantingly divine art.

The artist in me finds the stark and lustrous surface of the beautiful silk fabric hard to resist. The rest that follows is of course pure magic, and soon another scarf will be added to My Magical World of Flowers. The abstract series' have been created without using gutta or resist, this allows the dyes to travel freely across the silk and the results surprise and excite me every time.

The scarf is cured for a couple of days and is then steamed for 3 - 4 hours. The process of curing, steaming and relaxing takes about 5 days. The scarf is later washed repeatedly until the water is clear of any remaining dyes. Ironing immediately brings out the inherent luster of the silk.
These scarves are original, one of a kind and will never be repeated.

At present, I am working on a collection of scarves using the 'Gutta-Serti' technique - which allows more control over the dyes and details. As this technique is very complex and elaborate the series is going to take a while to complete. The good news is that as soon as a scarf is completed it will be added to the website.

Gutta Serti - SASilkGems Studio

The Gallery also showcases some of my work incorporating the 'Gutta Serti' technique.

GemMagic is a jewelry collection created to complement my SilkArt Collection. Without any doubt the simple strand of white pearls would be the perfect complement to my SilkArt creations, but the artist in me rebelled!
Why not create some magic with color yet keep it elegant and chic?
The iridescent, shimmering and mesmerising mother-of-pearl in combination with glowing lustrous pearls, and a sprinkle of magical crystals was the perfect solution!

I am also working on a collection of hand-painted jewelry FlowerMagic to incorporate in My Magical World of Flowers. Be on the lookout for some more fabulousness! 

So what is 'My Magical World of Flowers' about?

"Remember you can do anything you want to do, this is your world!" ~ Bob Ross
A world of fantasy and imagination to inspire and encourage creativity has always played a magical role in my creative journey. 

I would like to share My Magical World of Flowers - a world in which 'Magical Flowers' live in 'Magical Gem Galaxies'!
The 'Magical Gem Galaxies' are located in an invisible quadrant of the Universe where colonies of flowers reside. These flower colonies are magical and peaceful and live in harmony with other flower colonies from various Gem Galaxies.
Illustrative anecdotes about these magical flowers and their quaint interactions is the subject of my creations.

'A splash of color and a sprinkle of magic are the essence of my creations!'