SilkArt: The Ruby Galaxy - Hand-Painted Silk Scarf (8x54) - Red Border with Mauve, Orange and Yellow
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Ruby Red Hand-Painted Silk Scarf - One-of-a-Kind Abstract Silk Art - The Ruby Galaxy Border Scarf - Boho Wearable Art - July Gift Idea

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Wearable Art As Unique As The One Who Wears It!🦋
This one-of-a-kind hand-painted silk scarf will enhance and add effortless elegance to any outfit!
An abstract rendition of a galaxy created with blending red, mauve, orange and yellow using the wet-on-wet technique. The galaxy is framed with a ruby red border, and the stunning textural effects were created with a sprinkle of salt.

SilkArt: Border of the Ruby Galaxy🦋

💎 Hand-Painted
💎 8 x 54 inches*
💎 100% Silk
💎 Lightweight - 8`momme
💎 Silk Flat Crepe
💎 Striking Sheen
💎 Hand Rolled Hem
💎 Jacquard Silk Dyes
💎 Steamed for Color Fastness
💎 Hand-Washable (room temp. water)*
💎 Gift Boxed
💎 Gift Wrapped
💎 Organza Scarf Bag
💎 One-of-a-Kind
💎 July Gift
💎 Initialed by Artist
💎 SilkArt Created in USA

  • Measurements are approximate as silk shrinks slightly during the steaming & washing process*
  • Slight bleeding of dye might occur for the first couple of washes*

🖥 Please note that colors vary on different computers & monitors therefore shades & tones may not be exactly as you see them on your monitor. As a result your wearable art might look slightly different when you receive it, but you can rest assured that the colors are more chic in person!

SilkArt: GemMagic ~ My Magical World of Flowers🦋
This collection is inspired by cosmology and the possible existence of a multiverse!
Magical galaxies are created using the wet-on-wet technique which allows me to blend colors and add textures. Definitely a challenge as dyes swirl all over the silk with a mind of their own, yet in a surreal way exciting and a pure joy to paint!
'A splash of color with a sprinkle of magic are the essence of my creations!'

Have You Found That Perfect Gift As Yet?🎁
If you are looking for original one-of-a-kind gifts perfect for any occasion, then look no further!
My collection of hand-painted silk scarves, jewelry, & other wearable art, will captivate the artsy, the chic, the bohemian, and even those hard to please but very special individuals on your list!🗒
Your scarf arrives in a complimentary gift box, wrapped in beautiful iridescent white paper with a colorful ribbon. Feel free to add a personalized message if you so desire.
Gift Giving made easy for you!💝

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