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Welcome to My Magical World of Flowers, where 'Magical Flowers' live in 'Magical Gem Galaxies'!
GemArt: GemMagic is a collection of jewelry inspired by nature and its wonderous gift of gems - one can feel the magic radiating from these exquisite gifts .The colors, the sparkle, and the iridescence of these gems are pure magic and sparkle imagination and creativity!
This collection complements the SilkArt Collection - 'GemMagic'! Without any doubt a simple strand of white pearls would be the perfect complement to the silk scarves, but the artist in me rebelled! Why not create some magic with color yet keep it elegant and chic. The iridescent, shimmering and mesmerising mother-of-pearl in combination with glowing lustrous pearls, and a sprinkle of magical crystals was the perfect solution!

'A splash of color with a sprinkle of magic are the essence of my creations!'
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